01 Jan

 As we move into the year of 2022, I would like to share one of the gifts I received from some of my guides in 2021. These connections usually happen in the middle of the night, and I write what I am receiving. I have not edited this information, so I sincerely hope it makes sense! 

I warmly invite you to receive anything that resonates from the depths of your sacred heart. 

We are the Hathor Alignment Alliance. We are the sacred geometrical structure of sound and light manifesting as the tetrahedron diamond within and around you. We are the ringing in your ears singing songs of remembrance creating harmony within your soul. We are the clicks, the tones, the sonic frequencies aligning energetic precision and flow. We are the sonic waves of light from the cosmic soul of the universe. We come from within the Cosmic Holy Womb Chakra, the zero point at the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy. The gateway point centre star. 

We build symmetry, we align galactic frequencies, sonic tones, and multi-dimensional vibrations into and within your energy bodies, energy centres and the zero point of each cell. We weave light and sound into the fabric of your DNA cell structure, we weave light into your soul, aligning you with Christic pitch points of pure harmonic resonance. These points create symmetrical patterns containing codes and symbols which are aligning and operating within and around you, partnering you within the evolution of humanity. As veils of illusion are gently lifted you become more and more aligned with that which has always been your frequency. You align with the patterns, the structures, the codes, the symbols, the frequencies, the sounds, the pitch, the tone, the vibrations, the colours, the textures, the knowing, the seeing, the feeling, the tasting, the scent, the breath, with air, fire, water, the ether, the pure light – all of which is contained within the I AM, the void point. 

This is sound. Sound is the original energy of creation. We align with you as sound. 

Q - Does sound have form?

Sound exists on all levels of emanation and beyond that which can simply be heard by the human. Sound exists as light and is in everything you can perceive and in that which is beyond comprehension. Sound has both form and no form and form is sound vibrating at a certain frequency. Sound is not just what you can hear or what can be heard. IT IS ALL.

Sending you light waves of sonic bliss as we glide into 2022.

Many blessings on your sacred destiny.

Inana Rakhma  (I am unconditional love)

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