08 Feb

Patron Saint of Love, healer, performer of miracles, celebrant of forbidden lovers, kindred spirit of the bees, master teacher of true love, we greet you with deep gratitude and smiling hearts… 

We are warmly invited by intense yet subtle energies of highest love at this and every now moment, to breathe long and slow, to still our bodies, to calm our minds, and to receive. 

Let us venture magnetically now to the stargate at centre of our sacred heart, where we journey home to rest and rejuvenate in our Shekinah womb space. In the splendour of here, we are blessed, harmoniously balanced, perfectly tuned, and at one with true love.

From this holy heart realm, we invoke the gentle, loving, strong and passionate creative healing frequencies of Saint Valentine, and other master guides and avatars of love. They are here now, let us bathe together in their blissful sonic light as we are eternally infused with their pure teachings of love. 

Here in Shekinah, they show us the way, here we remember what love is and how to share it. Here, everything that love is not, falls away. Here, in our Shekinah womb, we delight in knowing we have been replenished and gifted with exactly what is required for our unique soul’s evolution. In the Shekinah womb we remember who we are, and why we’re on Earth now. We form and grow without knowing yet are born from this place knowing love. We open and bloom, sharing endless bounties of love, which purify, heal, and expand the hearts of humanity and all living things. 

We offer our highest blessings and waves of liquid light to the masters of love. 

May our hearts beat as one.

And So It Is. 

Inanna Rakhma (I am unconditional love)

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