29 Jan

As we navigate through experiences in our personal lives and make our way through the intensity of world events, our bodies are adjusting to new higher frequencies, vibrations, energies, light, expansion of consciousness, and the ever deepening of our heart’s wisdom.

 Self-care becomes our sacred medicine. When we care for and nurture ourselves, we will better care for and nurture others. 

This simple yet deeply healing breath work when practiced daily, will bring harmony and balance to your body, mind, and spirit. Know that with your intentions and practice, it will reside within your cellular and muscular memory, becoming automatic.

 Please enjoy this precious gift from my heart to yours. 

Share it with others as we remember who we are.

Sit comfortably, with your back supported, bare feet flat upon the earth (or the floor) hands resting palms up on your thighs, spine comfortably straight, and chin tilted down slightly. 

Take a deep slow breath, in through your nose, and exhale without force through your mouth, as your eyes gently close. Gaze into the deep and velvety space behind the eyes, releasing tension across the eyebrows and forehead, letting go of the muscles, in, though, and around the face and jaw, allowing the tongue to loosen and soften. 

Release the muscles across your shoulders and sink down slightly in the chair, relaxing your lower spine and pelvic floor. Allow your thighs to take the full weight of your arms and hands as you breathe naturally and comfortably. 

Letting go more and more with every breath, noticing the breath softening, lengthening, and deepening. 

Focus your attention on your hands, letting go even more. You may notice a tingling or pulsing sensation in the palms of the hands and around the fingers, this is your Chi, your life force energy, beginning to flow freely. 

Take your attention down to your feet now and allow them to flatten. letting go more and more with each breath. You might notice a gentle pulsing in the balls of your feet, like a heartbeat, connecting you deeply within the centre of Gaia Sophia, our Great Mother Earth. Bring your awareness up into your belly and let go, allowing the belly to soften and loosen. Notice as you inhale, that the belly fills and expands, and as you exhale, the belly softly contracts. 

Using your inner vision, your imagination, see or sense a soft golden ball of energy, in or around your belly, see your energy ball expanding and contracting as you inhale and exhale. Feel the rise and fall of the lower belly. 

Inhale stomach out. Exhale stomach in.

Inhale I am love. Exhale I give love.

Place both hands on the lower belly to deepen your awareness of the subtle flow and focus your awareness on the deepening and lengthening of your breath. When you notice your mind has wandered, gently guide your awareness back to the breath again. 

Enjoy the medicine of your sacred breath.

With love and many blessings.


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