19 Oct

Many of us are (consciously or unconsciously) experiencing a significant, powerful reunion with sacred symbols, codes, and geometrical structures now. These master teachers ride in on waves of sound, light and vibration. Soft, sharp, nurturing, and intense, they dance and blast in, through and around our awareness, bringing vibration, sonic charge, light, harmony, balance, alignment, information, comfort, healing, joy, and inspiration.

They bring love.

They are multi-dimensional shapes, sounds, codes and structures. Rich in colour, layered and velvety in texture, sturdy and strong in intensity. They are sharp, quick, precise, perfect and masculine, while also soft, flowing, nurturing, loving and feminine. They fill every aspect of our being, causing pulsing sonic heart openings and consciousness expansion. They bring healing and invigoration to every cell, every fibre, every energetic centre, every aspect, and every facet of us.

These symbols, sounds, codes and structures come from all directions of time. Magnetically drawn to us, they are original, ancient, earthy, rich, deep, and wise. They are technologically advanced, sublimely precise and acutely accurate. They are perfectly aligned expressions of galactic, cosmic, diamond platinum light with consciousness. They are beings. They come to teach, to heal, to activate, to love. They come because they hear those who call them. They re-join us now in holy divine union within our spiritual hearts, anchoring their christic frequencies and knowledge there so it may radiate out far and wide in all directions, sharing pure essences of love to all residing upon, around and within the great mother.

These symbols and codes of light are master builders, creating sacred geometrical pillars and energetic webs of light which activate and align each awakening heart, connecting and re-connecting souls to one another and to their divine missions here. 

This or better, for the greatest good of all and everything.

Are sacred symbols, sounds, codes and structures resonating deeply within your knowing? If your answer is yes and if you have not already done so, call on them. Call them from the depths of your soul and from the highest expression of who you are. They will appear and arrive within your knowing. They will bring an abundance of gifts. Gifts of high pure love that are uniquely yours to share freely and widely. 

They will guide you home.

With love and many blessings on your spiritual journey and destiny.

And so it is.

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