22 Nov

We are all gifted with the ability to create harmonic resonance within our own bodies. Within each of us resides a perfect and unique sound healing mechanism, a divine tool or device, and that divine tool is the human voice. 

Each individual human voice has the exact tones, vibrations, and frequencies to soothe, restore, repair, rejuvenate and balance the body and its energy fields, bringing precisely what is needed for wholistic healing. When activated by pure intentions and a loving open heart, your voice releases quantum codes, keys, and sacred geometrical light patterns which provide your entire being with a deep cellular, sonic healing massage. The sounds and vibrations produced when in divine union with your higher self and all aspects of self, will release or begin to release emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetic blockages. 

With guidance and regular practice your inherent signature sound will bloom and grow, guiding you into deep trance states, releasing negative energies and entities, attachments, implants, karmic ties, chords, and anything not serving your highest good, while gently leading you into resonance, harmony, balance, consciousness expansion, compassion, wisdom and precise masculine and feminine alignment within your shekinah holy christed heart.

We begin this powerful practice by creating a cherished sacred space, calling in our guides and setting a loving intention for ourselves. Sit or lie comfortably with your spine straight and legs uncrossed breathing slowly, deeply, and consciously through your heart chakra until you feel yourself dissolving into a meditative trance state. Take your time and allow divine connection. When this is felt, begin breathing in through your nose and gently releasing a “hummm” on each out breath with lips gently closed, humming long and slow, focusing only on the breath, the vibrations, and the sounds. Repeat with each new outbreath allowing your sounds to come into existence without striving or straining. Simply allow your sacred sounds to flow forth into creation, the sounds know exactly where to go and what to do. 

This simple yet potent spiritual practise can be accomplished in as little as three breaths or can be practised over longer periods of time. It may be added to other meditative processes as well. Over time you might notice a desire to produce more complex tones, perhaps adding chanting, toning or mantras, and will begin sending the sounds to people, places, situations, the earth, the cosmos and to all living beings, gifting songs of highest love for transformation and healing. Explore and enjoy the wonders of your unique and magical heart song as you sing yourself and others back home again.

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