26 Sep

I have many beautiful sisters, but in this lifetime, there is only one I share the same mother with, and this sister tells it like it is! While venting anger recently about an old and toxic friendship, my sister stops me and says “It’s dead wood, let it go”  She was right. So, I did.

Letting go of dead wood, releasing that which I am not, and letting go of all that no longer serves me, have been major themes for me this year. Letting go is a practice. It’s a journey. A journey home. It helps me see who’s underneath. It sets free the wild woman, the priestess, the goddess, the Oracle. She knows, she shows me the way, she reminds me who I am.

 All my sisters, they help me with this. They see me. We remember. We walk each other home. We walk home through the darkness, and into the light.

“Tell me about love…”

 “Who am I to tell you about love?” 

Let me show you

Let me show your heart

Let me show your heart about the way

Let me show your heart about the truth

And let me show your heart about the light

Let me fill you with all these things and more

Let me dance with you

And then you will know

And then you will be

You will be the way

 You will be the truth

You will be the light

And then you will know 

Your self

As I know you

You will know yourself as love

And then you will know

About love.

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